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About PlanZap

PlanZap, a subsidiary of ZapCorp, is an entirely free service dedicated to providing a quick, reliable and safe way to find quality professionals to meet your needs and allow you to make an appointment with them instantly online. We are leveraging internet technology to solve today's problems with making an appointment. With PlanZap, you have a one stop shop to find reviewed professionals in numerous industries and numerous cities. With our online appointment system, you are no longer restricted to call only during working hours. You will not have to repeat the same information to multiple professionals. You will not call only to find no appointment time is available for you. PlanZap is the new way to make appointments, the better way to make appointments.

In our professionals networks, we currently have Automobile Mechanics, Electricians, Hair Stylists, House Cleaners, Marriage Therapists, Massage Therapists, Home Remodelers, Plumbers, Pest Exterminators, Acupuncturists, Real Estate Agents, and Veterinarians. We are serving New York City, Washington DC, Philadelphia, Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Dallas & Austin. But keep in mind we are adding new professionals in new industries and new cities everyday. Check back continously to see our new additions.

For Customers, PlanZap is the most reliable and easy service to help you find a professional to meet your client needs. All you need to do is create a PlanZap account through our User Signup Page. It is completely free! With your account, you will be able to make instant appointments with professionals in our network, review your experiences with the professionals and automatically receive email reminders for the appointments. Our users are always surprized by how easy and useful PlanZap is.

For Professionals, PlanZap gives you a free way to advertise your services and manage your online appointments. Your account will provide you with a listing on PlanZap and in-depth analytics on your customers and appointments. Overall, it will give your customers an easier way to contact you and a smoother appointment process. Watch as your customer base increases by as much as 20%! So, if you are serving one of our target industries and cities, be sure to send your information through our Professional Signup Page. But keep in mind, we prioritize businesses who are invited by customers over businesses who submit on their own.